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Aanisah です


7 June 1998
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Hello, call me Aanisah
I loooooove Arashi :D
ONE OK ROCK too! :3

my ichiban in Arashi is Sakumiya XD what? it's not a common pair?:(
they used to be dating you know XD sorry I'm a brat like Neen XD
I can also be nice like Sho-chan #slapped #bratisbrat haha XD anyway Arashi is way older than me ^^)
so I decided to have another bias from JE

Sexy Zone! Yay! XD They're in the same age as me yay! =w=)
My ichiban? probably Shori ><

ONE OK ROCK is the first rock band I like
once you hear their songs you'll feel addicted :3
when I saw their con in DVD, I just feel like jumping and screaming XD
Arashi too, makes me wanna jump and scream
I like the song Oh Yeah! in Arashi con >w<

My History~
2006, I got addicted to Tales Series games and Harvest Moon
2007, I started to like watching anime
2010, Yuya Matsushita, the first J-pop singer I like makes me want to know more about Japan
2011, started watching Gokusen and because of it I searched more about J and Arashi. My first Arashi concert video is NIno solo - NIji from Arashi Around Asia 2008 DVD
2012, started to like ONE OK ROCK and got really addicted to them & Arashi. Also collecting their videos. Sho-chan became my niban.
2014, started to like Sexy Zone and Shori became my ichiban.

I'm a different person on the internet.
If you know me in real life, you don't know me on the internet.
Read my LJ as if you've never met me before.
Judging other people before you know them well is rude.

wtf am I writing haha. okay. seriously. I'm dead serious.