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Nikki UP2U: Coordinations #001

So starting from today, I'm going to post my coordinations in Nikki UP2U (a smartphone dressing game). I'll post my coordination and things that I put in it. Like what shoes, tops, bottoms, or dress I use to make the coordination. I'm going to change Nikki and to make her wear something cute ~~~ Oh! And every coordinations I post on LJ somehow always got an S for some story xD Also I'll make a title to every coordinations ^w^)~~~~
So with these I'm gonna turn her into....

This~~ The title is
"It's so hot today, gotta buy some juice"

Really simple right xD But this is the only thing that interest me in the beginning of the game lol
Because I restarted the game, I don't have vast collections of clothes yet
Yosh~ ! I'm to try my best to get all the outfit ! Gotta make money from my coordinations xD
Btw I got an S with this wahahaha Probably because it match with the theme '>')b
Tags: diary (in english), fashion coordinations (nikki up2u), game: nikki up2u, language: english

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