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Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen 2004.07.22 details - Suzaka Zoo (Suzaka City, Nagano Pref.)

This eps shows Aiba's first segmentヽ(〃・ω・)ノ It is to train at zoos with special circumstances all around Japanヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ Or to say usually the zoos he visited had some problem and he would help the zoo staff to fix the problem wkwk Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ  It's because he didn't know about animal that well at first. He even asked "Is penguin a bird or a fish?" (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶” The first zoo he visited was Suzaka Zoo. He was really young in this eps ヽ(´∀`ヽ) Well of course, this eps aired almost 12 years ago wkwk ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

Suzaka Zoo is located in Suzaka City, Nagano Pref. [Google Map] (ノ・ェ・)ノ somehow located in the middle of residental area ヾ(。・ω・)シ  It is quite a small zoo from what I search on google (/ ‘з’)/

Adress: Nagano Prefecture Suzaka Garyo 2 - 4 - 8
Business Hours: 9:00 ~ 16:45
Contact: 026 - 245 - 1770
Fee: adult (High school or more) 200 Yen
    children (Junior high school or less) 70 Yen
    ※ 1 person caregivers of the bank is free and who has received a grant of various disability
    ※ preschooler is free

Access Information
Car: About 15 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Suzaka Naganohigashi IC
Taxi: Nagano Electric Railway Station Suzaka get off, about a taxi 5 Minutes
Nagano Electric Railway Suzaka Station, in North South Line about Akinori park district, SenHitoshi line Yonago line ride 10 Minute, get off at Garyo park, about on foot 10 Minute
(I copy paste-d the train part without understanding it first, I don't get what it is trying to say)
Let's continue with Aiba arriving at the entrance gate ^-^
As he arrived at the entrance gate, he said this is already a special circumstances wkwk ヽ(;^o^ヽ)

The problem in this zoo is that it is hard to clean the enclosure ヾ(・д・ヾ) First, he had to clean the Barbary Sheep's enclosure ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ There is this Barbary Sheep called Mei-chan that keeps disturbing Aiba-chan from doing his work wkwk ┗(^∀^)┛

The next one is Red Kangaroo's enclosure ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ The kangaroo's name is Hacchi. The staff looked really calm explaining about the kangaroo and saying "It's okay it's okay" while Aiba is in panic because he saw the kangaroo punching the sandbag ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ When Aiba got into the cage, Hacchi took off one of Aiba's boots and the broom\(*゚∀゚*)/ lololol poor Aiba wkwkwk Then he gave up ☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノ

He went to the tiger cage then ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨ He helped to set up a sunshade for the tiger ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪
But! He dropped a bandana that Shimura-enchou gave to him lol. Will he take it or not...? :v Just watch wkwk ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ ⤴︎

 Here are the recentmost pictures from Suzaka Zoo. After years in business they must've done some renovation for the zoo. Anyway, there are capybara in one of the pictures. Capybara is probably my favorite animal. They are really cute, slow eater and hug-able xD But not many people knows about capybara in my country. Well in real life, I only see capybara once in Ragunan Zoo. The enclosure is located besides komodo dragon's lol. I remember Matsushima Sou (Sexy Zone) said he likes capybara too ^-^

By the way, this post is one of my Arashi Trip Series yeay~ I'll be doing TSD for it again ^-^
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